1000 Rounds of .223 Ammo by Tula – 55gr FMJ


People who do a lot of volume shooting and rifle drills know how important it is to keep costs low, while still using a round that will fire every time. That is why so many of those people choose Tula Ammo for their training needs.

This 223 Remington ammunition is produced in Russia, using berdan primed steel casings. Steel cased ammunition is cheaper than brass cased ammo, and just like brass ammo, it has a reputation for proper function in semi-auto rifles. Unlike brass cased ammo, the spent casings from this ammo can not be reloaded. Each round has a 55 grain full metal jacket bullet, which is either copper plated or zinc plated. Under the zinc or copper is a thin layer for steel, and then a lead core. Due to the steel in each bullet, this ammo is not ideal for use in indoor ranges or with steel targets, and it may not be allowed at your local indoor range.

This case of 1000 rounds is split up into 25 boxes, each containing 40 rounds.




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