1000pcs – 308 IMI Match New Unprimed Brass Casings


1000pcs – 308 IMI Match New Unprimed Brass Casings Details

These superb Match casings from IMI (Israel Military Industries) are revered by .308 handloaders for their strength, uniform dimensions, and thick case walls. Each of these brass casings comes with an empty base pocket so that shooters can choose their own primers in pursuit of cost savings or particular specifications. IMI Match brass is also appropriately annealed to prevent splitting at the neck and shoulder; this lengthens the usable life of these casings while ensuring consistent chamber pressures for improved accuracy.


IMI’s Match casings are usually regarded as a tier above standard military brass and are trusted by reloaders and small ammunition companies for competitive use. Israel’s small arms ammunition and components are manufactured using methods and trade-craft that are deeply rooted within a longstanding war-fighting culture. As such, their export products exhibit impressive performance and dependability. These 1,000 count bulk cases of .308 Winchester brass come loosely packed within cardboard boxes for simple storage and transport.


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