Lapua .22-250 Remington Unprimed Rifle Brass 500 pieces


Product Info for Lapua .22-250 Remington Unprimed Rifle Brass

Serious reloaders know Lapua .22-250 brass are some of the top Brass Cases in the game. Lapua is famous for their hard cases that don’t lose tolerance or integrity even when they’ve been through reloading cycles that exceed the lifetime of lower-quality products. Their reloading components are for handloaders who want the best performance and reliability that they can get. Lapua Reloading Equipment is for serious reloading.

When you’re using .22-250 brass for reloading, you want something that will let you maximize the potency of this very high-velocity caliber. Out of all of the .22 cartridges, they’re always in the top tier for versatility. Whether you’re loading for targets, hunting, or a mix of both, you can’t go wrong with these shells.

Specifications for Lapua .22-250 Remington Unprimed Rifle Brass:

Gun Type: Rifle
Bullet Type: Brass
Caliber: .22-250 Remington
Primed: No
Brass Quantity: 500 Piece

Features of Lapua .22-250 Remington Unprimed Rifle Brass:

  • The base of the case: The Lapua case heads are drawn exceptionally hard for unmatched reloadability and for an exceptionally long life cycle to serve top shooters time and time again. The brass dimensions remain constant and will hold primers tight in their pockets even after many reloadings.
  • The brass body: The brass body section of Lapua cases is hard and resilient for unmatched durability. It is easy to extract after firing, whether the reloader opts for full sizing or neck sizing only.
  • The case neck: Strict tolerances in concentrity and wall thickness are used in manufacturing of the case neck. The neck and shoulder of Lapua cases are annealed to withstand repeated reloading.


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