MFS 7.62x54R Ammo 174 Grain Full Metal Jacket 500Round


MPN 576440020
UPC         871004002808
Manufacturer      MFS AMMUNITION
Caliber     7.62X54R AMMO
Bullet Type     Full Metal Jacket
Muzzle Velocity      2765 fps
Muzzle Energy     2376 ft. lbs
Primer      Berdan
Casing     Zinc Plated Steel Case
Ammo Rating     Hunting 7.62x54R Ammo


MFS made a goal to provide high quality ammunition to hunters and shooters.

The plated zinc cases help protect against corrosion, aids in extraction, reduces camber wear and does not use any lacquer or polymer coatings that can gum up the action of the rifle

Whether a Soft Point round or Full Metal Jacket, the ammunition has the same progressive burning smokeless propellant and non-corrosive primers, with comparable exterior ballistics to the full metal jacket equivalent


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